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  • Twothirtytwo - 'Epitaph' [Track of the Month]

    The latest signing to  Rose Coloured Records   have been a favourite of ours and a regular on these pages over the last two years, so we are really excited to be releasing the new EP from Aldershot five-piece   Twothirtytwo . 'The Hope We Had' EP will be released on the 8th September and is packed with 4 amazing tracks that capture the very best of this unique band, including the full band version of the song we bring you here, 'Epitaph'.

    We fell in love with this stripped-back acoustic version the moment we first heard it and we are delighted to be able to share it with you exclusively now. But fear not, if you love it too and want to own it, there will be some fantastic pre-order bundles available with the new EP that may very well include this gorgeous version of Epitaph.

    Keep a look out over the coming days and weeks for a whole host of announcements from the band; including something very exciting that neither the band nor us has done before.

    Twothirtytwo will again be appearing at this summers best local festival, they play the main stage at Summer Westival on Friday 1st August at The West End Centre in Aldershot supporting the JCB-loving Nizlopi

    Keep this secret, but as you've listened and read this far - a little tip just for you! You can hear this version of the song and other acoustic tracks played live somewhere in Godalming on Saturday 2nd August. Check out our  gig page to work out exactly where and when.

    'The Hope We Had' EP was recorded at  The Ranch Production House (home to records by Funeral for a Friend, Polar, Landscapes & Gnarwolves).
  • Midfield Workhorse - Lincolnshire Poacher (Track of the Month)

    We selected this wonderful song as our track of the month before realising the perfect timing of introducing this band to you. Named after their favourite type of footballer, this Kingston-based band are about to make as big an impact on your week as the best of the World Cup 2014 games so far. The four-piece are signed to the  This Is Not Revolution Rock   label, well known on the Surrey music scene for putting on some of the best gigs around.

    This track was released as a teaser from their soon to be released debut EP ahead of their  Alternative Escape  appearance in Brighton last month and it is quite some debut. Sounding like they have been together for a long time and writing indie hits is a breeze for them. If this song is anything to go by the EP will be a most have record this summer. Listen now, then listen again, - you won't be able not to.

    You can also find the band on Twitter under the related, but initially confusing, twitter profile  @strongtackle . It took us a while to remember which was the actual band name, but soon you'll be in no doubt as they continue to make themselves heard; they've already earned plays already on   BBC Introducing South   and the   Eagle Radio Live Session  in the last few weeks.

  • Terrics - Better in the Abstract [Track of the Month]

    Reading pop punk quartet, Terrics released their second EP this week and it is proof of a band making moves in the right direct. We were introduced to the band on release of the debut EP 'Colour Me Green', a guest reviewer (@RobbinsNeil) brought them to our attention and our love for this band grew from there. They played our very first #BreakingBands gig at The Agincourt in Camberley and delighted a packed and very sweaty room that night along with Champion Jack and The Cottonettes.

    The opening and title track from this three-song EP, 'Better in the Abstract' is our favourite of three very strong tracks and is deservedly our   Track of the Month . Reminiscent of Illinois punk-rock threesome Alkaline Trio, the band have matured but kept their spirit that make the such a popular band. The catchy riffs and attitude of the first release are still very much there, but they sound tighter and the vocals come across much stronger this time, leading from the front dominating a loud and energetic punk band.

    The EP also contains two more new songs, 'Old Beginings and Brand New Ends' and 'Bleeding Lips and Sinking Ships' that make up a record every punk rock fan should have in their library. You can download the EP now from   iTunes   now.

    The band follow their EP launch show last weekend at The Queens Arms in Reading with a couple more gigs. They play   Pop Punk Friday   on May 30th in Windsor with our new friends Tindall amongst others. Then they are back playing with The Cottonettes and an epic looking bill at The Facebar in their hometown. See this band live, they know how to put on a show.

    C heck out lots more new music from Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. Latest reviews and news at   www.rosecoloured.com
  • Hero Fisher - No Ceremony

    London singer-songwriter Hero Fisher is a name you are going to hear a lot of over the next twelve months. Already being lauded in the music press and getting some fantastic exposure with live dates and festival appearances all across the country.

    Having already played at   The Great Escape  festival in Brighton,   Live at Leeds  and   Liverpool Sound City  in 2014,  Hero Fisher seems to have been booked for every cool little festival this summer has to offer, not to mention a couple of pretty major ones too! By the time   Glastonbury Festival  and Isle of Wight come around we wouldn't be surprised to see her on our TV screens doing a back-stage acoustic performance.

    Fortunately, there is a damn good reason for all the hype. With a real talent for songwriting, but occupying a niche with dark and moody alternative songs that set Hero Fisher apart from the myriad of young, British singer-songwriters out ther. Our featured video for 'No Ceremony' a perfect example of this. Just as much at home utilising her full live band, performing solo or creating her sound in the studio. The lovely people at 7BitArcade  even went as far to suggest this could be the 21st century's answer to Bob Dylan.

    We missed their introduction and only came across this talent at a recent  Velvet Goldmine   indie night at   The Boileroom   in Guildford, which we attended to support this excellent new venture and to see the extremely talented   Son Joan   who currently features on our   Local Radar   pages. Hero Fishers' performance on the night was stunning and very much deserving of the praise aimed her way, of which we now expect plenty more.

    Check out lots more new music from Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. Latest reviews and news at   www.rosecoloured.com
  • Demon Smiles - Burn it to the Ground EP

    Brighton punk-rock trio Demon Smiles came to our attention in the very best way; we found ourselves camped with two members of the band at the recent (and awesome) Groezrock Festival in Belgium. After pointing out a poster for Punk Rock Holiday (which looks like it wins the best festival location on planet hands down, by the way), there was their band listed to play alongside the likes of NOFX! So, on returning home we just had to check them out.

    They released 'Burn it to the Ground' EP last year and from the opening bars of the opening track  S.O.S.  they had us hooked. Classic punk rock riffs, a break-neck pace and wonderful sing-along-loud lyrics. 'Overcome' dives straight in where the opener left off and the seven-song EP never lets up again. 'Northern Train', 'Arrogance is Bliss' and the gorgeously titled 'Melancholy and the Infinite Radness' introduce additional male vocals in more prominence. The EP comes to fittingly epic ending with possible our favourite track on the record, a punk pop delight called  'Red River Requiem'.

    Our next goal has to be to see these guys playing live as you can hear in every note and every line these songs were written for a sweaty punk venues to jump around and enjoy. Unfortunately we've just missed them playing in our neck of the woods with a recent gig at The Cave in Addlestone, but they have a few dates in London in the next couple of months and play The Barn in Portsmouth in July 12th. Check out their Facebook events page for more or get yourselves to Slovenia!
    Check out lots more new music from Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. Latest reviews and news at   www.rosecoloured.com
  • Lightknife - Subway Stars

    Cornish alternative pop trio Lightknife are fronted by Rose Vanier, the talented singer who formed the band with Lee 'Pixie' Mathews and Bubs Taylor last year after several other musical ventures. The most successful of which, Rosie and the Goldbug, enjoyed a great couple of years touring the country, releasing a fantastic self-titled debut album, recording a song for the album with Marcella Detroit (of Shakespear's Sister fame) and even supported one of Rosie's major musical influences, Cyndi Lauper on her European tour.

    The new band is of course still dominated by the lead singers wonderful stand out vocals that blend a Kate Bush intensity with the effortlessness of Florence Welch. But it would be wrong and unfair to limit their appeal to just the lead singer. The alternative pop songs they have already released online are infectious and expertly crafted, bringing eighties electronica to 2014 with a subtle new twist.

    Three tracks; 'The Mess we are in', 'I Can't Follow' and our featured track 'Subway Stars' are available to hear now from lightknifeband.com. The latter is probably the most radio-friendly and obvious hit, but it's the other two tracks that really highlight the diverse talents.

    Lightknife have just this week completed the recording of their debut EP which we expect to be released in the next few weeks, and we can't wait to hear it.

    Unsurprisingly the band are gigging hard again, mainly in their home county of Cornwall, but they will be appearing in our area soon, at Petersfield Spring Festival on May 24th. Hopefully a tour of the new EP will also bring them back again soon.

    Check out lots more new music from Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. Latest reviews and news at   www.rosecoloured.com
  • Hannah Dorman - Do You Wanna Play [Track of the Month]

    Guildford singer-songwriter  Hannah Dorman   was featured on our very first  Local Radar  way back in the summer of 2012 and so we are delighted to bring you her latest song and video from her upcoming 'Do You Wanna Play?' EP. The title track from the EP features the singer, now with the full band she has been gigging with for the past few months. The   Kickstarter   funded project reached an impressive target allowing the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) final year student to record and release this record and accompanying video.

    The track itself is far darker than the title may imply, but delivers in showcasing the talented singer's superb vocals and succeeds in taking the artists releases to the next level. A professional looking video helps with this, already past 1000 views on YouTube this will surely bring the music student to an even wider audience. A second track - 'One Thing (On Your Mind)' - from the EP was posted by the singer on her Soundcloud and  Facebook pages which you can check out  here . The band are Mike Chapman on bass, Steve Price on drums and on guitar, Thomas Nelson.

    The EP release party will be held at the Boileroom on Friday 29th April and will also see  Amee Gould  and   Following Foxes  joining the bill in Guildford. It's £4 on the door or a £1 discount for ACM students. The EP will be officially released on the same day and will be available on iTunes. Those lucky enough to have caught Hannah and her band in London this weekend also had the chance to pick up an advance CD copy.

    Check out lots more new music from Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. Latest reviews and news at   www.rosecoloured.com
  • Truth About Vegas - Alcoholiday

    Surrey pop-punk four-piece Truth About Vegas have blasted onto the local music scene since forming just a year and a half ago. Their blend of classic pop-punk tunes mixed with melodic guitar driven sound makes for feel good songs that you can't help but to enjoy.

    We always have a place in our hearts (and ears) for a good slice of pop-punk, especially when it’s well written, with catchy choruses, vocals full of angst and emotion and riffs and drums to make your ears bleed. We first heard this EP a few months back and it instantly ticked all the right boxes and demanded repeated plays. Reviewing our list of bands to introduce on the  Local Radar  pages, it was a shock to see Truth About Vegas had not yet featured, so we set about putting that right quickly. Having hit play on the EP on their Bandcamp page (where you can download the songs on a name-your-own-price basis) it was like returning to an old friend! 

    ‘Breathe in Breathe Out’ is the opener of this 3-track EP and it lays down their intent perfectly. Pop punk at it's best, it is a track that would be a perfect to open as it would closing any live set. However, it’s the next track ‘Really Hurts’  that really did it for us. This one doesn’t race into pop-punk predictability, but a thoughtful start with tight percussion, interesting guitar work and vocals being held back. But then the chorus bursts in, full of latter-day Blink 182 angst and melody. It’s clear these guys have a natural talent for writing punk-rock choruses, ‘When I Argue (I Feel Better)’ adds a little more variety to close the record, Pop-punk certainly is not dead. Ain’t that the Truth.

    As with all good pop-punk, live at a sweaty venue is bar far the best place to enjoy it. Truth About Vegas only have one show in their gig planner; if you are quick, they will be playing at the fantastic Fighting Cocks in Kingston tomorrow night. They were due to play our  #BreakingBands   night in Camberley on Good Friday, but unfortunately that was not possible. Hopefully they will be back on a   Rose Coloured presents..  night bill really soon.

    Check out lots more new music from Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. Latest reviews and news at   www.rosecoloured.com
  • Son Joan - New Home

    Son Joan is the name of Hampshire solo artist Ethan Attwood-Summers current musical project. Ethan writes and plays everything on the Son Joan tracks, including vocals, drum machine and guitar. His influences are drawn from garage punk and psychedelia and this variety helps him to achieve his goal of providing a new, unique and refreshing sound to his fans. Son Joan's initial goal is to get his music heard by a wider audience, through live shows and when he got in touch with us we were delighted to introduce this exciting talent to you wonderful new music lovers!

    His latest track and our featured video ‘New Home’ sees the artist display some catchy early 90’s guitar riffs and vocals that travel from garage punk back to the psychedelic sixties. There’s also a live video on Son Joan’s YouTube  pages of his track ‘Heart and Soul’ which we were intrigued to hear how it would translate from bedroom to gig venue. The result is actually fairly dramatic; a mobile video recording adding to the raw punk vibe of the live version not to mention the appearance and style of the singer himself. 

    This follows previous release ‘Sucker Punch’ which first introduced us to Son Joan a few months back and grabbed our attention with its energy. It's early days for Ethan, but if he can add a few more tracks and maybe an EP to his online catalogue and continue to get out there and win over local crowds, then there will be exciting times ahead.

    Check out lots more new music from Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. Latest reviews and news at   www.rosecoloured.com
  • Joe - Booley - Can't You See

    Seventeen year old Singer-songwriter-guitarist Joe Booley, from Borden in Hampshire decided on a solo, folky future having played punk-rock in a few different bands through school. His influences include local singers who have gone on to big things, following in the footsteps of Newton Faulkener and Frank Turner will be Joe's goal. He's been writing and performing his own music since 2012, releasing his debut EP 'RAW' shortly afterwards. Gigging regularly across the region, wherever and whenever he could, including schools, churches and even on the beach, the young musician has become well established on the local music scene.

    His 'Snap Shot' EP will be released at the end of this month, until then our featured song 'Can't You See' from the upcoming EP will whet your appetite for more. Stripped-back with barely noticeible acoustic guitar to accompany his effortless vocals. The occasional church choir-like backing vocals add a nice touch, but it is the simplicity of the track that makes it stand out. Check out his back catalogue on his  Soundcloud  page which includes a number of Frank Turner-esque folk-punk songs as well as more ballads, 'Can't See You' could be his best yet.

    Joe will be appering at a couple of local festivals in addition to regular gigs, including Dumbfest   in his hometown and   Petersfield Spring Festival , but most excitingly will be part of the acoustic stage line up at our celebration in aid of Forward 4 Wiz trust. RC's Summer Fest!  will take place at The Red Lion in Godalming, on Friday 27th June where Joe will be joined by a whole host of other local talent including Nina Schofield, Our Lost Infantry and The Crosstown Trio. Details   here ..

    Check out lots more new music from Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. Latest reviews and news at   www.rosecoloured.com
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