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Self-titled Debut album
October 2017

Delighted to be bringing to the UK the debut album from Rennes-based brothers, BOPS, on limited run 12" vinyl and digital download.

Garage-rock with a unique twist, this album is must hear. 

In addition to having the same blood, it would seem that the BOPS siblings also share the same love for heady melodies and spasmes électriques

BOPS have been feeding on the sixties and have had time to digest the Beach Boys' harmonies and The Kinks pops before attacking the thundering sounds of Ty Segall and Girl Band. 
The three Rennes do not hesitate! For two years now, Germain, Oscar and Louis have been sowing an insolent energy from Brest to Nancy. 

Praise for BOPS eponymous debut record:


"BOPS self titled debut album is an instantly familiar, yet totally original, trawl through the trashier side of rock ‘n roll"

"...this unhinged French trio have produced an eclectic & original release."


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