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Hit Like A Girl

Hit Like A Girl
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Hit Like A Girl
'Heart Racer' 
Love changes. It changes whoever experiences it, but it also has its own powers of transformation. It can make or break days, even years, but above all, it makes our humanity known. Hit Like a Girl has been assessing the connections between love, loss, and what’s left since 2017. Anchored around frontperson Nicolle Maroulis, the New Jersey project has netted two full-length records, a close tether to Nicolle’s non-profit organization No More Dysphoria, and a steady stream of homegrown fans. Now, Nicolle is preparing to release their third LP, signed to US label Refresh Records with a UK/EU exclusive vinyl variant from rosecoloured records.
No More Dysphoria split cassette feat. Hit Like A Girl, Bad Idea and Wilted Flower with ALL proceeds going to Mermaids UK and No More Dysphoria (US) trans support charities. ORDER NOW
Words about
Hit Like A Girl

"Cathartic emotional release of pop-punk songwriting to vent nagging mental health concerns" - Flood Magazine

"Fans of Camp Cope’s strained specificity will appreciate Maroulis’ lyrics, and there’s a whole lot of messy emotion driving" - Stereogum

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