Previous shows from Rose Coloured...

The Dabhands launch gig
Wyse EP launch
F4Wt S4S Star
Giant Peach
Windmill LSHO
Youthman EP release show
Brightlight City
Sunday label market
Let's Stop Hanging Out #1
Charlotte Carpenter
ATS 17
I The Lion
Forward 4 Wiz Trust 10th birthday
Patrons London release show
Patrons tour
PFG Aldershot launch party
PFG Tooting Show
PFG Brighton release show
IVW17 - RCR & BSR present
Nine Miles South
Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.15.56
ATS 2nd stage
ATS Line up
Shit Present
Flyte - Tooting Tram & Social
I Plead Irony tour
Bridges + IPI
IPI album tour
Tooting ASBOC
RC & Firefly Present
Tooting Oct
Oxjam Guildford
Oxjam Aldershot Takeover
Luo + Calico
Get Inuit - Tooting Tram & Social
Hanshotfirst Album Launch Show
Rose Coloured at Staycation Live 201
RC/QFR Local showcase
Emperor Yes + Jurassic Pop
Twothirtytwo + Date in Camden
Amaryllis tour + Hanshotfirst
Kilter album launch show
Local Label Showcase
RC & TINRR present
Champion Jack EP launch show
JOHN + Patrons + Miss Vincent + SBB
Emperor Yes + Axes and more
Rose Coloured Presents @The Big Draw
'The Hope We Had' EP Tour
Staycation Festival
RoezRock 2014
Rose Coloured Presents
RC's Summer Fest
Breaking Bands IV
Breaking Bands III
Breaking Bands II
An Alternative Valentine
Breaking Bands I
Rose Coloured Presents
Rose Coloured Presents
Rose Coloured Presents
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