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To Those We Have Loved And Lost
Hanshotfirst - August 2015
The greatly anticipated debut album from Surrey's much loved alt-rock/post-hardcore band, 'To Those We Have Loved and Lost' turned out to be their only full length release. 
Expect more from the ex-members in the future, but until then, enjoy this brilliant record.
Available as a digital download or on a limited run of CDs.

Surrey’s most promising alt rock band, Hanshotfirst, have amassed an impressive local fanbase, building on their energetic live shows and extremely well received early singles.


Taking it to the next level, their debut album ''To Those We Have Loved and Lost' has so much more to offer, including the epic haunting first single that signposted something new from the band, but of course has plenty of glorious post-hardcore anthems for which they are loved..


Described as "really special" by Alex Baker (Kerrang! Fresh Blood) Hanshotfirst have already become one of Surreys most promising new bands, armed with an array of sweaty anthems and a growing reputation for intense live shows.

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