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Hell's Ditch


Hell's Ditch

Vacant Hearts / Hope is Hope

Double A-Side Single 

Released: 27/03/2020


Welcome to the world of HELL'S DITCH. Born and raised in the cities of Liverpool, Lincoln and Wolverhampton, HELL’S DITCH are a British rock ‘n’ roll group with total heart and determination compounded by DIY punk ethics and a hardy knack for storytelling.

Using their 3-minute riff-driven punk songs as their modus operandi, HELL’S DITCH breathe to life tales of working-class fates, inner-city poverty, alienation, violence, oppression and unflinching resistance. All told through the lens of brutal, ragged, but often loveable characters.

Released on limited 7" vinyl in the UK by rosecoloured records and Disconnect Disconnect and in the US through Bypolar Records

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