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'Woolly Mammoth' / 'Woolly Rhino' Double EP Cassette
February 2020 
Following our twice-sold out split single 'SUGAR REX' release with ME REX and Sugar Rush! We now bring you the popular 2016/2017 Woolly EP's on physical format for the first time!
Featuring the two four-track EP's one on each side of the very limited (50 only) edition cassette tape, featuring the original artwork.
ME REX // Sugar Rush!
'Sugar Rex' split single
January 2019 
Our first release with new signing ME REX. 
‘SUGAR REX’ is the new split release featuring a brand-new track each from two of the indie punk scenes’ most loved, but little heard artists! Search the streaming services and you’ll find little to fill the hole created by the love that comes from being at a Sugar Rush! or ME REX live show. Until now....

rosecoloured records is delighted to bring to the world, ‘Sugar Rex’ featuring; ‘Tube for a Quid’ from janky pop punkers, Sugar Rush! and ‘Flood’ from ME REX.
Released on super-limited edition cassette-single, (check out that artwork!) or on streaming sites everywhere!
"TOTALLY JOYOUS" - Vulturehound Magazine
SUGAR RUSH!  Janky pop punk!
Sugar Rush! all share the same music taste, half modern DIY indie punk type stuff, half great-and-terrible early 2000s pop punk and emo. The band love exclamation marks, hash browns, animals and coffee. Hate meat, Tories & gender.
Laura/Ankles (she/her/hers) - vox/guitar/drums,
Lucy (they/them/theirs) - vox/bass,
Mama (he/him/his) - vox/guitar
FFO: Charmpit, Fresh, The Spook School, Caves.

ME REX Acoustic Pop+Synth Punk
Sometimes solo, sometimes a band, but always with dinosaurs in there somewhere. ME REX is the creation of Myles McCabe (also a member of the best current emo-punk band out there – Fresh). With influences like The Front Bottoms, Los Campesinos and Emperor X; ME REX may well be your new favourite band. 
FFO: Front Bottoms, Smith Street Band, Slaughter Beach Dog
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