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Parachute For Gordo

Parachute for Gordo - Possibility Of Not
13th March 2017 

Out Now the third and most ambitious album yet from genre-busting Parachute For Gordo.


Get hold of this limited press, black vinyl with stunning cover art. Cassette version availablet from Beth Shalom Records and all orders include  digital album download PLUS the stunning full album film

The record has received widespread rave reviews and cements the band as one of the most important and original to come out of the scene in a long time.

Praise for 'Possibility Of Not'

“Entirely original and captivating (it) has got more to say than some bands do in three albums”  – Already Heard [4/5] 

“A great album… constantly leaves you wondering what will happen next. If you’re into your experimental music, you’ll surely love this” 
–    Soundscape Magazine [9/10] 

 “A triumphant return… “ –The Skinny 

“theirs is a sunshine spin on the genre, … chock full of a jaunty and infectious positivity. There’s a possibility of not enjoying this record, but it’s a slim one”  - Punktastic

Parachute for Gordo
Ten Meters Per Second Per Second - March 2014 


The bands much loved second album, 'Ten Metres Per Second Per Second' was recorded and produced entirely by the original three members (including original drummer Johnny Somerset). It was the very first 12" vinyl release from Rose Coloured Records. 

Parachute for Gordo are an independent rock band from the thriving cultural capital of Hampshire, they make post-rock with a great big ecstatic grin on its stupid, sweaty face. 

Parachute for Gordo are:

Laura Lee (guitars, pedals)
John Harvey (bass, “vocals”) 
Mark Glaister (drums, production, youthful vigour)

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