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Patrons - As above, so below
31st March 2017 

We are extremely pleased to release the debut album from a long-time love of ours, Plymouth's Patrons. 'As Above, So Below' captures perfectly one of the most exciting live bands we have seen in years.

Released on stunning never-to-be-repressed variant limited edition splatter effect vinyl and digitally and across all your favorite sites. Out Now!

Praise for 'As above, so below':


“picks apart all the things that have made emotional rock music exciting over the last 15 years and the sculpts them into something truly intriguing” - Rocksound


"This is a heartfelt record from the band that will have you falling in love with it from the very first note." - Shout It Loud Reviews

"these songs are powerful, forceful and demand your attention" -  Room 13

"every listen unloads more audio surprises, with the emotional capacity of the band clawing at your heart strings while you find yourself at a balance between smiling and being ripped open by its intensity." - Vulture Hound Magazine

"big riffs and anthemic choruses" - Alt Dialogue

"Flawless" -"They've provided a gateway into their souls" - "Such an authentic sound" - "Just phenomenal" - "Buy it now" - Alex Baker, Kerrang Radio


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