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REVIEW: Idle States - Tap and Optics

We first heard Surrey quartet Idle States back in May 2013 when they released their high-energy EP 'Statues', featuring indie-rock anthems like 'Broken Glass'. So some 15 months later they have just today released their video to 'Taps and Optics' and we were keen to see if it would live up to their previous offering.

This track was first released back in January as an acoustic record, but this full-band version was certainly worth the wait. They have clearly moved on since the 2013 EP, displaying a greater maturity here vocally and lyrically and adding sprinkling of heavier influences. The chorus works particularly well with it angst-laden multiple vocals, following a laid-back opening verse

'Taps and Optics' Will feature on the bands forthcoming self-titled EP. More on this soon we hope.

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