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NEWS: Rose Coloured Records release new Twothirtytwo EP

On September 8th 'The Hope We Had' EP was released on our label, Rose Coloured Records. This is the third release since the label was launched back in March this year. They follow another Aldershot band and great friends and now tour buddies, Parachute for Gordo onto our roster.

The revews for this record have been outstanding without exception, respected music sites inlcuding Already Heard, Echoes and Dust and 7Bitarcade have all heaped praise on the band for stepping it up to the next level with this release. Good things ahead seems to be the common theme!

The band have been one of our favourite local acts since first discovering them two years ago. Their live performances always pack a punch and they have got better and better. Culminating in a packed week of shows to celecrate release of this record. We are extremely proud to be associated with this band and to be able to bring you this release.

You can buy the CD now from our record store.


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