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NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Heronshaw 'Shorelines and Frontiers' EP


It's been a while since we heard from these guys, but after featuring the wonderful 'London Sessions' recording back at the beginning of 2013 we were delighted to see the new EP from Heronshaw pop into our inbox recently.

The five-track EP continues to build on the easily accessible fusion of acoustic rock and folk that they perform with an unmistakeable enjoyment. The five-piece who hail from all across the South of England, start strong with EP opener, erm, 'Strong'. A solid song, well written and produced with an instant likeability. If 'Torquay Bay' with additional instruments and upbeat campfire party vibe would appeal to fans of Frank Turner and Mumford and Sons, then 'Inside Out' shows a new more interesting side to the band; drawing influence it would seem from the likes of the wonderful Dry the River. It's our favourite song on the record and hints at something more to come that could see them make a real impact.

The pop-rock, tap-along 'Let Me Down Slow' felt very, very familiar, but fortunately this we discovered was an earlier single release we had heard before. Well worth including again on this record though. The EP ends with 'In White', an intriguing track that morphs into something else everytime you think you've pinned it down. Overall 'Shorelines and Frontiers' is a quality release that contains a number of contenders for single releases and radio play along with a couple of standout tracks that show even more potential.

The EP is also available on Heronshaw's Soundcloud page.

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