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LOCAL RADAR: For Astronauts and Satellites

Utilising the sounds of their youth in the form of "chiptune" and mixing it with post-rock instrumentals; Camberley three-piece For Astronauts and Satellites really are bringing something unique to the local music scene. Game Boy and Commodore 64 game consoles provide the nostalgic sounds for these creative musicians.

Don't think this means they are making novelty music though; with influences like Rueben and 65 Days of Static making an impact on the trio, rich guitars and live drums are expertly and beautifully inter-woven with the electronic percussion and the games consoles sounds for an end product that captivates the listener.

Their seven track, self-titled debut album, was released back in the summer and it deserves to be heard. Opener 'Movement I - Embark' building slowly before erupting into waves of kaleidoscopic sounds, If that was very much an intro, next song 'Earth' and subsequently 'Hyperdrive' the record really gets into it it's groove, reaching a climax with the epic closer, 'Movement III - Remnants'

You can listen to the entire album on their Bandcamp site now and download it for whatever you feel like paying. Also available are some cool bundle deals with physical versions of the album, t-shirts, stickers and badges.

For Astronauts and Satellites play two local gigs this weekend, so a great chance to get out and see this for yourselves. They are at the West End Centre in Aldershot tonights supporting goth-prog-rockers Purson, then tomorrow they join our very own Parachute for Gordo supporting Rhoda May at the Cellar Bar in Bracknell.

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