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LOCAL RADAR: Lightboxes


For a few months now I've been told about Lightboxes, alongside statements as bold as "my new favourite band". For one reason or another until Saturday night I'd not managed a serious listen to Basingstoke's post-rock, shoegaze, post-punk, noise makers. Excited to finally hear them, I headed out to The West End Centre, Aldershot as they opened for our very own Parachute for Gordo and the incredible Shitwife. It proved to be the strongest three-band bill for a fair while and Lightboxes more than held their own.

I think I did it right. Seeing them live before listening to them on record is pretty much the best introduction to this band. Their live set was intense, moody and absolutely huge. A few discussions afterwards over whether their one or two very long tracks were too long for an opener to pull off aside, the crowd was one in showing their delight. The bearded, laid-back lead singer takes your focus, but it is the way the five musicians come together to create this soul-lifting sound that kept you rooted to the spot throughout.

After they finished, I could barely wait to shove £5 into their hand for their beautifully titled EP 'Help Keep the Sadness Out'. Today they have just put up physical copies of the record in their store, so you can buy one too - or a digital download at a wallet-friendly price of whatever-you-like.

Or just get out and see them live as soon as you can first. A Rose Coloured presents show can't be far away after that.....


Lightboxes performing at The West End Centre last Saturday


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