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GIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Rose Coloured and Quatre Femme presents...

Our first gig annoncement for 2015 and it's a big one!

QFRC Poster large.jpg

We are teaming up with the lovely Quatre Femme Records to put on a huge showcase of local talent tied to our two labels. But that won't be all for what promises to be a real celebration of the local scene.

In Quatre Femme's corner we have,,,


Gaining national radio play and plaudits from far and wide for her current single 'Kids In Heat' this could be a massive year for the talented Fleet singer; Fans include Elbow and 6Music's Guy Garvey and Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry who picked as this as her song of the year. If you've not seen Hannah live before, do so now before you have to compete with every one else for a ticket!


The incredibly talented CeCe (Charlotte Clark) played a show for us on Valentines day last year. Her songwriting ability and effortless voice has not changed since then, but the artist appears to have moved on and grown considerably since then. Often playing with a band now rather than just with her guitar and producing melancholic dream pop with videos to match, we can't wait to finally see her live again.


The guys have been on our radar since first seeing them at Westival in 2013. We were starting to think we missed our chance of getting them to play a show as they play increasingly impressive venues across London. The trio of brothers from Farnham are truly unique in the music they write and the area should be proud of the diverse artists it is producing.


And on that point, here is another! Son Joan's unique mix of psychedelia, grunge and garage punk is all the work of one man - Ethan Attwood-Summers, playing guitar, sampling drums and providing vocals. He returns to The West End Centre following a storming show at the recent Aldershot Alldayer.

And in the Rose Coloured corner...


Aldershot's very own Twothirtytwo are leading the charge of an exciting new scene in the town. No strangers to headlining the venue, they return following a hugely successful mini-tour with more new songs almost every week. With every show and every new song they seem to take a step closer to being the next big thing from this town.


Over the past twelve months, Gordo have gone from being the favourite band of a few hardy fans and music lovers to one of the most loved bands on the local scene. Never a dull moment either on record or live from the three-piece and they love nothing more than playing their hometown venue.


Guildford's wonderful singer-songwriter Annabel had a fantastic year releasing two EP's and building a large following in her hometown. 2015 will surely see that fanbase spread much further, starting here! Not to be missed.


The newest act on the bill have been pretty busy in their first few months of life as a full band. Our split EP release 'We Have Not Yet Panned Out' (also featuring Annabel Allum) was their first record but they have been writing and recording a number of demos as well as already playing a load of gigs. Lead singer and member of one of the areas best known bands, Our Lost Infantry, Joey Ashworth will be hoping his sad songs make you happy.

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