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NEW MUSIC: Debut EP and video from Rival Empires

This weekend saw the release of a brand new EP and debut video from one of our very favourite local rock acts - Rival Empires. 'First Impressions' is the EP title and the lead track for which they have released this sweet new video.

There isn't a band on the local scene that competes with these guys for on-stage rock moves and we are delighted to see this video featuring the five-piece at their very best. There seems to be a competition going on here for who can make the biggest impression between the five band members, not easy with singer Lucy leading the way, but our personal highlight has to be Johnno's guitar flip!

It's a really strong song that the video, set in a bright, graffiti-strewn wasteland, perfectly captures. Shot by the multi-talented Benny P Video, like the song the energy just hits you throughout. We've been a fan of this band since their previous incarnation and this EP and video is sure to get them noticed way beyond the local scene of which they are already an integral part.

Go grab the three-track EP now and see them live the very next chance they get, they rock hard and deserve your attention!

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