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LOCAL RADAR: Cultural Other

Guildford's experimental, alternative rock trio Cultural Other have today released a new EP and brand new video for 'When the Storm Breaks'.

Formed back in 2011 with a mission to bring together and celebrate cultural differences in art and language. From an interview with 'A Music Blog, Yea?' drummer Kuba Mleczko explained "Collectively, our ‘secret weapon’ lies in the cultural makeups and origins of the band members. Drummer Kuba Mleczko’s Polish-American roots, guitarist Andrea Venerus’s hot-blooded Mediterranean flare and bassist James Campbell’s hot headed Hispanic temperament accentuates the band’s distinctive musical ideologies, with lyrics which seek to explore the labyrinthine nature of the human condition and represent a podium for our staunch political affiliations simultaneously."

The visually-arresting video is packed full of powerful clips interspersed with shots of the heavily made-up band members, creating a perfect accompaniment to the huge track achieving what they are after - a complete sensory experience. We're pretty sure you won't find anyone doing anything quite like this on the local scene (and perhaps much further afield) right now.

'When the Storm Breaks' is just on of 5 tracks (6 if you include the short intro) on this name-your-price download. Get over to Cultural Other's Bandcamp site hear more.


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