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Local Radar: Cavalier release new EP 'Belief'


Little more than a year after forming Surrey-based alternative rock quintet Cavalier have become one of the most popular bands on the local circuit. Gigging their energetic brand of alt-rock across Surrey and beyond, picking up fans wherever they play. They have a passion and belief in what they are doing and it has created a real buzz.

We finally got to see one of these highly recommended live shows back in November as they appeared on an epic EP launch show bill for Champion Jack that we put on at The Boileroom. The hype was justified, the set was great fun, but more importantly they showed they are talented musicians with a knack of writing some great tunes that make for a really enjoyable live show. Time to see if they can take that into the studio.

Their brand new EP 'Belief is out today (24th March) and we had our advance copy on repeat all weekend. The five-track EP is a really strong, mature release and something that they should be proud of, but it also delivers on the promise of their professional yet fun and energetic live performances. A new band releasing an EP with five tracks can normally expect to deliver one or two fillers, but this EP is crammed full of tunes - all of which could be lead singles. On every listen we changed our minds on the strongest track.

The EP opens with 'Reasons to Scream' which takes a little while to lift off, but when it does it soars and you already can't wait for the next track. 'Wishing is as Good as Giving Up' proves the epic chorus of the opener was not a one-off they just stumbled upon. This one comes with more feelings than the first, if you're not singing along by the second listen then maybe you should check you're not dead inside.

'Lost for Now' (video below) keeps the standard high, as with the rest of the record the instruments support the distinctive vocals as if they'd been a band for years. Cutting their teeth together with loads of gigs has clearly paid dividends. A few new bands making waves right now seem to go straight to releasing records and going after radio air-time, but the lack of live shows together is sometime apparent..

The final two songs are 'The Lake', possibly the most radio-friendly of all, but probably the one (if we were pushed on this) that is our least favourite and then 'What I Dream Of'. Signing off with yet another perfectly delivered piece of anthemic alt-rock, with just a hint of nostalgic pop-punk.

Ok, maybe there is nothing that new here, but that isn't a problem at all. Cavalier write great pop-rock tunes that hit the mark every single time. See this band, get this record, watch them go places real soon.

'Belief' is available now from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify or a physical release from their merch store will be available tomorrow. We recommend getting along to The Boileroom tomorrow night (25th) for the launch show, pick up a copy ther, see them live and get great local acts Rival Empires, Red Kites and Following Foxes too!

'Belief' was recorded with Chris Coulter at Stakeout Studios. Artwork by Illwookie and the photography by Owen Smith

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