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REVIEW: Guest review of the new Twothirtytwo single and video.

Sometimes I wonder where my love for twothirtytwo, an alt/post-rock band from a nearby military town, came from.

The first time they played a venue in my hometown I stood half hidden behind a friend, filled with some mix of terror and awe. Andy's not a frontman who lets his audience remain passive spectators, diving in to bring his passion to them. Jarring, it's not something you expect from bands in this genre. You cannot remain aloof at a twothirtytwo show. Since then I've dragged friends to watch them, followed them around the South, and got a bloody tattoo. Their sharp political leanings, Andy's powerful voice, underpinned by driving percussion, have all helped to gain them some devoted fans.

Twothirtytwo's live shows are full of such frenetic energy, something the video for latest single "Stray" tries to document, showing the band sweaty and cohesively chaotic. It's still tame compared to being there to experience it in person, and I can't wait for the single release show at Guildford's The Boileroom on April 15th.

"Do I still love you?" A rhetorical question as far as I'm concerned. How could I not?

Download single for free here

Catch Twothirtytwo live at The Boileroom on 15th April

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