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Local Radar: The Small Society new video

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Guildford trio The Small Society this week release their brand new video for 'When I Grow Up I Want to be a Troubadour'.

We only recently were introduced to this exciting young band as they opened at The Boileroom for Twothirtytwo's single launch show and they stuck in our minds for many reasons. Firstly, their brand of folky punk-rock proved an instantly enjoyable live experience. Not only were the band obviously doing what they love, they'd also got a good deal of catchy songs already in their set. They may have been new to us, but the second thing that pleased us was the number of fans they brought along to dance and sing along with them. Our final thought on leaving the gig and reading other's positive online reviews of their show was, these guys are gonna get really good real soon with a bit more time together.

The single and video go a good way to capture what this band is about; enjoyment of the music they are creating shines through and the band's influences from the likes of established troubadours like Frank Turner are clear to hear. Take a few minutes of your time to check out the video below, then go give them a 'Like' or a 'Follow' because The Small Society are going to be worth keeping your eye on.

The Small Society on Facebook and Twitter.

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