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NEW MUSIC: The Venus Lyx debut EP out now.


Three brothers, backed by four sisters from Fleet, Hampshire are staking their claim this week as leaders of the pack of a new wave of artists from the region that want to take their music far beyound these counties.

The Traylen brothers, known as The Venus Lyx, yesterday released their debut self-titled EP on Quatre Femme Records and like everything we have heard and seen from them before, they have made us sit up and take notice. Like the preceeding single 'Keep Your Hands Off My Familiar' the record is moody, ingenious and conjours up a dark, smoke-filled David Lynch-esque room full of interesting characters and bizare plot-twists. But that's just us...

Available now via the labels Bandcamp site on digital download and CD... tell us what you think.

We look forward to seeing them play live again in a couple of weeks with three label mates and our very own bands at the sold out local showcase all-dayer in Aldershot.

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