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New Music: Wolf Choir are back!

Back in 2013 we came across Guildford Wolf Choir and fell in love with their debut EP. A flurry of gigs followed and they quickly became a favourite of Rose Coloured. They were booked to play one of our Camberley Breaking Bands shows, but had to pull out on the day because of illness. Then we didn't hear much more from them. Fearing they had maybe gone their separate ways...

Until a few weeks ago, they suddenly popped up on our sights again with a BRAND NEW EP! Excitedly we headed over to their Bandcamp to see if it could replicate the awesomeness of the debut.

It didn't... (....X-Factor style overly long pause for effect...) it was even better!

Hopefully live shows and more new music will follow soon, but for now, be glad they are back...

Listen / download here now.

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