I Plead Irony to release new album on Rose Coloured Records!

We are delighted to announce that we will be releasing the new I Plead Irony album on Rose Coloured Records!

Their 2nd album, titled [The Solution Is The Problem] will be released on 1st April 2016 and it will be available as a VINYL release.

There is loads more to tell you about this release, including a launch show party, a mini tour and loads of lovely pre-order bundles, but you will have to hang tight for now.

Farnborough's alt rock trio I Plead Irony have been a big favourite of ours for a long time and have played a handful of shows for us. This album is a huge step forward for the band following their impressive debut [This Statement Is False]. Fans will already be familiar with a few of the songs that have been getting such a good reception at recent live shows! We can't wait for you to hear it all soon - and to get your hands on only our 2nd ever vinyl release. It's gonna be a thing of beauty, the artwork for the gatefold sleeve is something special.

The band have teased you with a tiny snippet of the new album on their ad above, you'll just have to keep playing that over and over for now...

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