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New Music: Atiptoe release +Venture

Guildford's very own genre-smashing rockers Atiptoe today release their new record +Venture on Failure By Design Records.

They've been gracing the local scene for a while now and we think this release will be the one to win over a load of new fans. You can call it a mini-album or a maxi-EP or whatever you want, but we thinks this 7-track record is just right.

Stream or download +Venture here...

Or pick up a physical copy and the label merch store here.

Even better, catch them at one of their upcoming dates and put the cash directly in their sweaty post gig palms. See tour dates below.

"This 7 track record shows the band at their most creative, most memorable and most dynamic. Toning down their in-your-face technical math-rock sound, Atiptoe put their focus on songwriting and story telling on this new, seamless body of work. The 7 gapless tracks take you on a journey, lending themes and ideas from iconic explorers of the past

Whether it's the effortless fretboard wizardry of Iain Kerr, Adam Walton's subtle bass nuances, the imaginative drumbeats of Simon Treasure or Dave Sylvester's immediately recognisable, smooth vocals; +Venture has something for every fan of forward-thinking alt rock. Atiptoe's finest work to date." Failure By Design

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