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Rose Coloured at Always the Sun Festival

We recently told you about the most exciting new music event in Guildford happening this year - Always The Sun Festival, and that we are involved in curating the 2nd stage, sponsored by the lovely Andertons Music Store, along with a load of the best people around your local scene.

Well now you can feast your eyes on the full line up over the two days - Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September - on this stage!

We are so excited to be bringing Vinyl Staircase and Parachute For Gordo to the very first ATS Fest to represent Rose Coloured.

Gordo have been close to our hearts since day one, we released our first record with them and they were the very first band to play an Rose Coloured Presents show. With a new album out later this year on Rose Coloured Records, it is the perfect place to show you what they have been up to in their new incarnation.

Vinyl Staircase have played two recent shows for us and are without doubt the most exciting young band from these parts right now. They are gonna be huge. We fell in love with them the first time we saw them play The Boileroom and they just keep getting better!

Plus this stage has loads of other great acts, including our friends Midfield Workhorse, itoldyouiwouldeatyou, Atiptoe and Brightlight City.

Please support this wonderful event by getting your tickets now and telling all your friends. It is an amazing local scene we have, treasure it!

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