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Making Of.. 'Possibility Of Not'

Parachute for Gordo have released a short, 'making of..' documentary ahead of the release of their third album 'Possibility Of Not' next month.

An fascinating insight into the process behind this unique record, recorded in the mountains of Austria in studio created just for this recording. Keep an eye out for the full documentary in the coming weeks and the pre-orders very shortly.

Check out this awesome review of the full record from Yeah Buddy! DIY, some of our favourite quotes include.....

"It feels like I've just watched a film made out of sound. Brilliant" "The guitar work is dizzying... my hands are hurting just listening"

".... before the madness this band are capable of re-emerges like a furious post-rock cat leaping from the darkness onto your face" "..showing their versatility and tightness as a unit" "'s flipping mental..." "...the explosive intro to this track took at least 2 hours off my life..."

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