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Possibility Of Not - Out Now!

The third and most ambitious album from Parachute For Gordo in out now on Rose Coloured Records. Pick up the vinyl or digital download from our store or stream now on Spotify.

The record has been picking up unanimous praise...

“Entirely original and captivating…‘Possibility Of Not’ has got more to say than some bands do in three albums”

Already Heard [4/5]

“A great album… constantly leaves you wondering what will happen next. If you’re into your experimental music, you’ll surely love this”

Soundscape Magazine [9/10]

“A triumphant return… sparse, mournful chords hang heavily and poignantly in the air…a heady implosion of rhythm and texture at its rich emotional core”

The Skinny

“A sprawling, math and jazz influenced strain of noisy rock that borrows from all sorts of genres and is very creatively free, introducing elements of electronica, a range of FX, squeeze boxes…whatever they damn well feel like really”

Echoes & Dust

“The sound of a band on a creative journey…brilliant”

Yeah Buddy DIY

“Bounces between structured grooves and all out chaos and experimentation - a tough challenge but one that ends up being rewarding”

Alt Dialogue

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