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Huge 10th Birthday Gig for Forward 4 Wiz

Saturday May 6th sees the West End Centre in Aldershot taken over by the Forward 4 Wiz Trust as they celebrate 10 years of great work supporting the local scene and musicians. Cardiff rockers Samoans headline the all day gig, with support from loads of the best local bands, including our own Parachute for Gordo and I Plead Irony.

Your ticket will also get you a copy of the "10-4-10" compilation album - 10 bands, 10 exclusive tracks, all recorded in just one day by the legend Chris Coulter! 10 local artists have also provided artwork for the album! Plus there will be extra goodies and of course cake. Come and celebrate with them and help them support even more young musicians over the next 10 years. Tickets on sale here.

Karina Fraser, Chair of the Trust said of the day "The 6th May is much more than a gig, it’ll be much more than a party, it’s a true celebration of every musician F4Wt has encouraged and every fan that has supported our work over the past decade. It also sees the launch of the album recorded by ten bands in just one day - our most ambitious project yet!"

"The aims of the trust are to assist, mentor and educate musicians to further themselves, both creatively and practically, to inspire to aspire. f4Wt aims to do this in several ways; educate musicians in ways of promotion and good practice, mentor through the minefields of a musical career, from recording a demo, getting gigs and rehearsal rooms to record deals, touring, and the pitfalls of legalities. The trust also aims to financially assist musicians and bands where it’s needed most, at grassroots. We are a community.

Wiz wanted to change the world for the better, let’s continue the story…revolution must begin at home."

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