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10-4-10: F4Wt Compilation Album

Following the 10th Birthday celebrations for the Forward 4 Wiz Trust, we are happy to be releasing the digital version of the compilation record to mark this milestone. The charity that helps support young musicians in the Hampshire area will receive all money donated for this pay-what-you-want release. Recorded in just ten hours on the 2nd April 2017 by Chris Coulter at Decimal Studios on an island in the Thames. Ten bands, ten brand new songs featuring the likes of Joe Booley, Dead State, Ark and introducing Emma Hamilton, Red Means Danger and Daryl Vorderman. Revolution Must Begin At Home

Talking about the project, Trust Chair, Karina Fraser said "A decade ago we lost a very dear friend, a band mate, a brother, a partner. The personal loss had a very public grief as our friend was also an inspiration to hundreds of fans across the world. Through his drive and passion for music and for a fairer, more equal society, Wiz aspired to the last and in turn inspired others to do the same. We couldn't let that die with him. And so, the Forward 4 Wiz Trust was formed. Those 10 years have been filled with hard work, joy and fantastic achievement by all those F4Wt has had the pleasure of working with. But we couldn't do this without those that have helped along the way. Particular shout outs go to the wonderful Laura Lee and John Harvey from Parachute for Gordo, who have given so much time and love to our cause. Andy Fulterer at Rose Coloured. Rich Gentry for boundless enthusiasm. Dawn Bovington Pete Cole and Barney Jeavons for their unwavering support. Ben Clayton and Dave Vokes for donating their time and talent. Graham Brown for kindly donating Wiz's PRS estate and to Spider who fund raised the cash to kick start this crazy ride. To all the bands and artists involved in our 10-4-10 project, who all got involved so enthusiastically and to Chris Coulter for all his suffering and truly brilliant expertise. And last, but not not least, to every single one of you who have bought a shirt, come to a gig, made a donation. We just simply couldn't exist without you." Cover artwork - (c)Kev Munday, All rights remain with the artists.

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