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VINYL SALE! Gordo records for £5 in January

Pick up last years' much loved 'Possibility Of Not' or our first ever vinyl release 'Ten Metres Per Second Per Second' by the unique, noisy trio Parachute For Gordo now. Just five pounds each throughout January!

Links below..

'Possibility Of Not'

'Ten Metres Per Second Per Second'

Praise for 'Possibility Of Not':

Entirely original and captivating. 4 out of 5. Already Heard

9 out of 10. A great album… you’ll surely love this. Soundscape Magazine

A triumphant return…The Skinny

Theirs is a sunshine spin on the genre…. chock full of a jaunty and infectious positivity.

There’s a possibility of not enjoying this record, but it’s a slim one. Punktastic

Structure grooves and all out chaos Alt Dialogue

Creatively free Echoes And Dust

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