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BOPS - full length 'One Shot' album video

Préparez le popcorn, installez-vous confortablement pour 42mn de bonheu!

"One-Shot BOPS" is a 42 minute video, shot in sequence of the entire eponymous debut album from the French Brothers, BOPS. 12 Scenarios for 12 songs from the album. No breaks, a DIY production in it's entirety. Like the album, it's impulsive and eclectic, some clips tell the story of the lyrics in violent, absurd or amusing ways. Others illustrate the feelings that emerge from the songs aesthetics.

Beyond the technical challenge and the original format, the film invites the viewer to stroll the imagination of BOPS - between absurd choreographies and aquatic agitations. Shot entirely on iPhone X and sublimated by its actors and the spontaneity of it's 80 extras.

Enjoy! And you can still get the full length album on digital download or limited 12" vinyl in our store.

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