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Stray - April 2015


What turned out to be the last single and video from Aldershot's alt-rock favourites, at the time planned to be the first from a never finished debut album 'Revisionist History', 

Available now as free or pay-what-you-want download.

We Let Them Drown, Women and Children First 
- November 2014


The most political and hard hitting single, as relevant now as it was then. Aldershot alt-rock kings doing what they did best, music with a meaning and an unbridled passion and energy.

The Hope We Had - September 2014


Our first Twothirtytwo release that promised so much and achieved rave reviews, live and on record. Own a piece of Aldershot music history.

"Twothirtytwo will end up being your favourite band after listening to this remarkable EP. One of the finds of the year." - Echoes & Dust (Aug '14)

" Idlewild circa ‘The Remote Part’– it’s blessed with a monolithic chorus that would fill any stage across the country."

"Twothirtytwo could be on the cusp of something really special" - Already Heard (Sept '14)


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